#018 Building in public with Kevon Cheung
Code & Conquer - The Indie Hacker PodcastMarch 15, 2024x
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#018 Building in public with Kevon Cheung

In this episode, I sit down with Kevon Cheung, a leading voice in the #buildinpublic movement. Kevon shares his unique journey from studying business in university to becoming a self-taught developer and then transitioning into teaching others how to build an audience while creating products.

We dive deep into the strategies and mindset behind building in public effectively. Kevon explains how to genuinely engage with your target audience, come up with interesting content ideas from real interactions, and build trust over time. He dispels common myths and provides practical tips on using platforms like Twitter, newsletters, and even YouTube for your building in public efforts.

Kevon also discusses when building in public may not be the best approach for certain business models. Throughout the conversation, he emphasizes the importance of blending into communities, soliciting feedback, and earning in public based on your behind-the-scenes work.

Whether you're an indie hacker, creator, or just someone looking to build an engaged audience, this episode is packed with insights from one of the experts in the building in public space. Tune in for a masterclass on authentic audience-building from Kevon "The Broccoli Guy" Cheung.


00:00 Introduction and Background

00:54 Transition to Indie Hacking

10:09 Building an Audience from Scratch

16:25 Creating Engaging Content

25:54 Creating Valuable Content for Niche Audiences

29:21 Generating Content for B2B Products

32:26 Creating Genuine Content

33:12 Creating Multiple Pieces of Content

34:00 Engagement Bait vs. Genuine Engagement

35:19 Using Feedback to Improve Products

36:28 Building Trust and Gaining Fans

37:36 The Importance of Email Newsletters

38:34 The Power of Email as a Communication Channel

41:52 The Benefits of Email as a Platform-Independent Channel

43:28 Not Every Piece of Content Will Go Viral

46:42 Considering YouTube as a Content Platform

51:44 The Story Behind the Broccoli Logo

55:13 Exploring SaaS Ideas

57:41 Blend into the Community and Build in Private


Kevon's Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeetKevon

Kevon's personal website: https://kevoncheung.com/

Public Lab: https://publiclab.co/

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