#023 Raising your prices with Yossi Segev
Code and Conquer - The Indie Hacker PodcastJune 21, 2024x
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#023 Raising your prices with Yossi Segev

Ever wondered how to crack the SEO code as an indie hacker? In this episode, Tobias sits down with Yossi Zegev, founder of SEO Stuff, an affordable SEO tool designed specifically for indie hackers and bootstrappers.

Yossi shares his journey of launching SEO Stuff in a super scrappy way, starting with just a logo and search bar. He opens up about the struggles of failing projects before finally striking gold with SEO Stuff's genius pricing model focused on credit packs instead of subscriptions.

The conversation dives deep into the world of SEO - how to find the right keywords, understanding search volume and difficulty, and optimizing content for Google's ever-changing algorithms. Yossi provides a refreshing perspective on the role of AI, advocating for human-written content enhanced by AI assistance.

But it's not just about SEO. Yossi also drops some major wisdom about the indie hacker journey, emphasizing the importance of business skills over complex tech. His advice for aspiring indie hackers? Work fast, release fast, validate fast - and be willing to pivot when something isn't working.

Whether you're an SEO newbie or a seasoned pro, this episode offers tons of valuable insights into building successful indie products people actually want to pay for. ___


00:00 Introduction to SEO Stuff

02:07 Understanding SEO and the Value of SEO Stuff

07:02 Targeting the Right Keywords

11:47 Competition in the SEO Market

15:28 Getting Data for SEO Tools

22:25 The Scrappy Launch of SEO Stuff

30:11 Growing Traffic and Revenue for SEO Stuff

32:12 Pricing Changes and Customer Behavior

39:47 The Importance of Business Skills

44:18 Balancing Technical Skills and Efficient Tech Stacks

54:28 The Future of SEO

01:01:49 The Role of AI in the Artist Community and the Importance of Credit

01:04:05 The Limitations of AI-Written Content and the Future of SEO Optimization

01:06:01 Introducing Write SEO: Using AI to Create High-Quality Content

01:15:30 Disappointment with Google's Progress in AI Technology

01:18:38 Advice for Starting an Indie Hacker Career: Validate Ideas and Listen to Feedback


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