#021 Digital Nomading with Dominik Sobe
Code and Conquer - The Indie Hacker PodcastMay 03, 2024x
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#021 Digital Nomading with Dominik Sobe

In this episode of Code & Conquer, Dominik Sobe, a full-time digital nomad and indie hacker, discusses his journey as a solopreneur and the development of his product, HelpKit. He shares his experience of overcoming burnout and the importance of having a supportive community. Dominik also talks about the power of building in public and how it helped him gain traction for his product. He shares the creative idea of creating a fake customer support shop as an April Fools' joke and the positive response it received. Overall, Dominik emphasizes the importance of finding the right market fit and leveraging creative marketing strategies as an indie hacker. Dominik Sobe discusses his journey as a digital nomad and indie hacker. He shares how he transitioned from wanting to become a management consultant to becoming a software developer and building his own products. He talks about the benefits of being a digital nomad, such as living in affordable locations and experiencing different cultures. He also discusses the importance of healthcare and insurance while traveling and provides insights into finding a balance between work and enjoying the travel experience. In this final part of the conversation, Dominik discusses the sketchy parts of living in Southeast Asia, including safety concerns, theft, corruption, and drug laws. He also shares his plans for the future, including growing HelpKit and potentially selling it to achieve financial independence. Dominik emphasizes the importance of finding a community of like-minded people, both online and offline, to combat loneliness while nomading. He advises new indie hackers to try many different things, focus on marketing and distribution, and be comfortable with failure.

--- Chapters

00:00 Introduction and Technical Difficulties

18:08 Building in Public and Finding Initial Traction

30:08 The Value of Side Projects and Prioritizing Mental Health

43:11 Navigating Healthcare and Insurance

56:19 Finding Work-Life Balance

01:06:26 Is Digital Nomadism Right for You?

01:20:09 The Future of HelpKit and Financial Independence

01:29:11 Struggles and Demoralization as a Founder

01:37:25 Finding Community and Combating Loneliness as a Nomad

01:46:06 Excitement for Analog Photography and Advice for New Indie Hackers


Dominik's Twitter: https://twitter.com/sobedominik

HelpKit: https://www.helpkit.so/

NomadKit: https://nomadkit.co/

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