#020 From music to no-code with Justin
Code and Conquer - The Indie Hacker PodcastApril 29, 2024x
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#020 From music to no-code with Justin

In this episode, we go behind-the-scenes with Justin, the creator of Quda- a platform for bite-sized educational content and expert Q&A.

Justin shares his incredible journey transitioning from the music industry into the indie hacker life, while juggling a day job and family. Hear the fascinating story of how he built Quda using no-code tools to solve his own pain points around learning and knowledge sharing.

We dive deep into Justin's monetization strategies, pricing psychology, and the common trap of indie hackers undercharging. He also discusses exploring additional revenue streams like coaching subscriptions.

Justin offers authentic insights into embracing an indie hacker mindset, the power of taking imperfect action, and finding the motivation to work on your startup efter hours. Whether you're technical or non-technical, this episode packs tonnes of value for anyone building an indie business.

Tune in for an inspiring and incredibly useful conversation! Let Justin's story and advice motivate your own indie hacking adventures.



00:00 Justin's Journey to Indie Hacking

06:03 Introduction to Quda

08:57 Creating a Platform for Short-Form Learning

12:23 Building a B2C Social Platform

19:22 Choosing to Focus on One Product

25:14 Maintaining Motivation and Enjoyment in the Process

28:08 Considering Marketing Strategy Before Launch

34:41 The Importance of Getting the Product in Users' Hands

38:39 Introduction to Repodcasted

39:08 Building Products that Scratch Your Own Itch

40:06 Finding the Right Motivation and Time

40:46 Different Approaches to Building Products

41:14 Marrying Approaches to Your Temperament and Constraints

42:03 Balancing Time and Constraints

43:27 The Challenges of Indie Hacking with Kids

44:21 Managing Time with a Day Job and Family

45:50 The Importance of Loving What You Do

46:20 The Freedom to Experiment with Low-Cost Projects

47:37 The Business Model of Quda

48:37 The Value of Knowledge and the Future of Quda

49:48 Micro Products within Quda

50:56 The Importance of Profitability

51:43 The Business Fundamentals of Indie Hacking

52:23 Getting Educators on the Quda Platform

53:48 The Attraction of Asynchronous Q&A on Quda

55:13 Reaching Out to Creators at the Right Time

56:35 Handling Rejections and Persistence

57:32 Dealing with Rejections and the Importance of Persistence

58:06 The Importance of Persistence and Reaching Out

59:01 Overcoming Perfectionism and Learning Through Doing

01:01:13 The Value of Learning Through Doing

01:02:12 Embracing Imperfection and Learning from Users

01:03:11 Excitement about Text-to-Coding and AI Robotics

01:06:40 The Importance of Building and Finding a Technical Co-founder

01:11:24 Advice for New Indie Hackers: Just Start Building


Justin's Twitter: https://twitter.com/JustinQuda

Quda: https://askquda.com/


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