#022 SEO nightmares and lifetime deals with Michael Koper
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#022 SEO nightmares and lifetime deals with Michael Koper

In this episode, host Tobias Arweiler talks to Michael Koper, the solo founder of Nusii, an online proposal software for creative professionals. Michael shares the origins of Nusii, starting as a side project with a co-founder over 10 years ago before eventually acquiring it himself. He discusses navigating the ups and downs of growing Nusii, including hitting plateaus, dealing with the challenges of lifetime deal customers from an AppSumo promotion, and his frustrations with SEO and content marketing. Michael opens up about the financial realities of indie hacking, from living on limited runway when he first went full-time to buying out his co-founder. He also reflects on building the indie hacker lifestyle he wanted, balancing work with spending time with family in Spain. Throughout the conversation, Michael shares honest insights and practical advice for aspiring indie hackers on topics like pricing, lifestyle creep, and finding product/market fit. ___


00:00 Introduction and Overview of Nusii

02:53 Plateaus in Business Growth

08:00 Buying Out a Co-founder

14:57 The Importance of Pricing

37:08 Navigating the Challenges of AppSumo Customers

45:05 The Benefits of Living in Spain as an Indie Hacker

59:31 Avoiding Lifestyle Creep: Prioritizing Freedom and Flexibility


Nusii's website: https://nusii.com/

Michael's personal website: https://michaelkoper.com/

Michael's Twitter: https://x.com/michaelkoper

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