#016 Building with No-Code with Louis Pereira
Code and Conquer - The Indie Hacker PodcastJanuary 05, 2024x
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#016 Building with No-Code with Louis Pereira

In this episode, I chat with Louis Pereira, the founder of AudioPen.ai. Louis talks about his journey from running his family's traditional offline businesses during the day to building online products at night.

We discuss:

  • How Louis got into indie hacking and consistently building side projects
  • The origin story of AudioPen - how a weekend hackathon project turned into a viral sensation
  • Louis' approach to customer support and product development as a solo founder
  • The pros and cons of using no-code tools like Bubble to build your MVP
  • Louis' thoughts on competition and copycats in the world of indie hacking
  • The role of luck versus perseverance in finding product-market fit
  • Why Louis structures his side projects to be as automated as possible

Louis Twitter: https://twitter.com/louispereira

Audiopen: https://audiopen.ai/


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