#015 Successfully launching products with Dan Mindru
Code and Conquer - The Indie Hacker PodcastDecember 24, 2023x
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#015 Successfully launching products with Dan Mindru

We're excited to have Dan Mindru on the show this week! Dan is an active maker and launcher, known for his funny takes on Twitter and products like Clobbr, Crontap, Hunted Space and his latest creation Shipixen.

In this episode, Dan shares his journey from joining the maker community in January 2023 to rapidly building and launching new products every few months. We get into the ideas and motivations behind some of his creations like the Hunted Space dashboard for tracking Product Hunt launches and Shipixen, his very own boilerplate and website builder.

Dan also explains his process for quickly testing and building new products, the role of emotional connections in the indie maker community, as well as his thoughts on pre-selling, marketing channels and more along the journey. Tune in for an authentic look into the mind of a productive maker!

Dan's Twitter: https://twitter.com/d4m1n

Shipixen's Website: https://shipixen.com

Hunted.Space's Website: https://hunted.space/


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