#013 How to win at marketing with Arvindh Sundar
Code and Conquer - The Indie Hacker PodcastDecember 01, 2023x
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#013 How to win at marketing with Arvindh Sundar

In this episode, we have the pleasure of interviewing Arvindh Sundar, a gamer, indie hacker, and marketing expert. Arvindh shares his journey from being a CMO to becoming an indie hacker and discusses his core product, "Put the player first," a gaming-related framework. We delve into topics such as marketing strategies, leveraging the framework for personal branding, and Arvindh's insights on ADHD and coping strategies.

Throughout the interview, Arvindh provides valuable advice for indie hackers, including tips for effective marketing, starting a newsletter or blog, and monetizing content. He also shares his experiences with ADHD and offers strategies for focusing, prioritizing, and organizing a business.

Join us as we explore Arvindh's fascinating career journey and gain insights into the world of indie hacking, marketing, and personal development.

Stay tuned for an enlightening conversation with Arvindh Sundar, packed with valuable insights and actionable advice for indie hackers and marketers.

Arvindh's personal website: https://arvindhsundar.com/

Arvindh's Put the Player first framework: https://puttheplayerfirst.com/

Arvindh's Twitter: https://twitter.com/arvindhsundar

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