#010 The secrets of email marketing with Jane Portman
Code and Conquer - The Indie Hacker PodcastOctober 20, 2023x
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#010 The secrets of email marketing with Jane Portman

In this episode, we're interviewing Jane Portman, co-founder of UserList, an email marketing platform for SaaS companies.

We discuss how Jane got into SaaS and started UserList with her co-founder Benedict. Jane shares lessons learned about developing and marketing a SaaS product, including the importance of talking to customers, slow traction in the beginning, and content marketing.

She gives advice for indie hackers just starting out - be prepared for a lot of work and don't expect easy money.

Overall, an insightful conversation about building a bootstrapped SaaS company.

Link to Jane's Twitter: https://twitter.com/uibreakfast

Link to Userlist: https://userlist.com/

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