Keep Things Simple

Focus on the core product

As a founder, it can be easy to get distracted by new feature requests and ideas. However, it's important to stay focused on the core product and problem you're solving. Laura, the founder of Client Portal, says "the core of what people like about client portal is that, you know, that problem, that very specific problem that it solves." By keeping the product simple and focused, you're able to really provide value to your users.

Avoid overwhelm

Adding too many features too quickly can overwhelm your users and reduce the usefulness of your product. Laura mentions that "Client Portal is really more of a way that you can still keep using the tools that you're used to...but instead of them having to figure out, oh, where's that Google docs link or where's that Google spreadsheet or where's what, you know, this link or this download or this PDF, no matter what tool you use, when they log into the portal, it will all be branded to your company." By keeping the portal simple, users are able to easily find what they need without feeling overwhelmed.

Make incremental improvements

Rather than releasing major new features all at once, it's better to make small, incremental improvements over time based on user feedback. Laura says "we don't like rush into things that we try to make sure it's right and then do bug fixes and anything else in between." This approach helps ensure that new features actually provide value to users and fit with the overall product vision.

Stay focused on your strengths

As the founder of a product, it's important to focus on your strengths and outsource areas where you lack expertise. For Laura, this meant hiring a developer to build Client Portal since she did not have technical skills. She was then able to focus on product design, marketing, and user experience. By playing to your strengths, you're able to build a better product and experience for your users.

Never stop learning

Although it's important to focus on your strengths, you should never stop improving other areas of your business. Laura mentions that she's "really excited about SEO because it's not something I've really done much research in or understand." By continually learning new skills, you're able to better refine and improve your product to meet user needs.

Key takeaway: Keep your product simple by focusing on the core problem you're solving, avoiding feature overload, making incremental changes, playing to your strengths, and continually learning.