Have Fun and Don't Take Things Too Seriously

One of the biggest tips Arvid gave in his interview on the Code & Conquer Podcast was to not take things too seriously when you're just starting out. As an indie hacker, it's easy to get caught up in chasing big goals and high revenue numbers, but Arvid cautions against that approach.

Start With Side Projects

Arvid recommends starting with side projects to give yourself room to learn and have fun. Side projects take the pressure off because you have another source of income to rely on. You have more freedom to experiment and less pressure to achieve massive success right away.

“Start side projects, if you can, like if you, if you have the capacity to run multiple little things and sorry, now I'm just adding advice. I know it's, it's not the one thing, but use the technology, you know, for these things, like used to, if you're a software developer and you build like, I don't know, Python apps or whatever, use Python to build your little thing. Even though it may not be the perfect choice for your side project, use the thing you already know.”

Focus on Fun, Not Profit

When you're first starting out, focus on building something fun rather than maximizing profit. As Arvid said, "Make it fun, right? Don't take it too seriously. Build little things that you think could work." If you build something fun, you'll stay motivated to work on it. You'll also learn valuable skills that you can apply to future projects.

Learn From Your Failures

Don't get discouraged if your first few side projects fail. Failure is part of the learning process. Analyze what went wrong and use those lessons to improve your next project. As Arvid said, "the learnings coming from a failure I think they're more helpful." Failure helps build resilience and humility.

You're Not Alone

Remember that every indie hacker struggles with imposter syndrome and self-doubt at some point. Comparing yourself to others who seem more successful will only make you feel inadequate. Focus instead on your own progress and learning.

“Imposter syndrome doesn't go away...There's something transcendental about your journey as a person that doesn't really care about the success of any given business.”

Building a business is a journey, not a destination. Have patience with yourself and focus on continuous progress rather than massive success right away. Learn from your failures, start small, build for fun, and remember that every founder struggles with self-doubt. If you follow this approach, you'll become a stronger, wiser entrepreneur.

Check out the full interview on the Code & Conquer podcast. Learn more about Arvid Kahl and his business, The Bootstrapped Founder, which provides resources for new entrepreneurs.