#019 Charge More, Earn More with Steve McLeod
Code and Conquer - The Indie Hacker PodcastApril 10, 2024x
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#019 Charge More, Earn More with Steve McLeod

In this episode, Steve McLeod shares the lessons he's learned from building and growing his SaaS product Feature Upvote. Steve discusses his unconventional journey from an IT consultant to a successful indie hacker, including the surprising ways his target market evolved over time.

The conversation covers Steve's approach to pricing and customer acquisition, as well as his decision to launch a coaching business alongside his core product.

Steve offers counter-intuitive advice and insights that challenge common indie hacker wisdom, providing a refreshingly honest look at the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial path.

Whether you're just starting your first indie project or looking to take an established product to the next level, this episode is filled with practical wisdom that could reshape your strategies and mindset as an entrepreneur.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:02 Discovering the Indie Hacker Community

03:16 Finding Unexpected Customers

04:13 The Pricing Dilemma

05:26 Choosing the Right Target Market

06:32 The Pros and Cons of High Pricing

07:29 Managing Customer Support Expectations

08:19 The Challenges of Running a 24/7 SaaS

08:59 The Importance of Launching Early

09:41 Validating the Product Market Fit

10:11 The Decision to Bootstrap Feature Upvote

11:44 Overcoming the Fear of SaaS Downtime

12:49 Choosing the Right Product Idea

13:33 Dealing with Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome

14:27 Acquiring the First Customers

15:52 Building Credibility in Online Communities

19:34 The Importance of Being Helpful in Communities

20:58 The Journey from Zero MRR to Sustainable Income

22:25 The Challenges of Content Writing

23:41 The Definition of Bootstrapping

25:03 The Decision to Persist or Quit

26:18 The Value of Transparency in Marketing

27:34 Dealing with Self-Doubt and Seeking Support

29:08 The Ever-Present Self-Doubt in Entrepreneurship

30:47 The Effectiveness of Different Marketing Strategies

31:59 The Impact of Competitors on Customer Feedback

33:14 The Balance Between Transparency and Competition

34:39 The Importance of Listening to Your Customers

35:48 The Trial and Error of Marketing Techniques

36:46 The Value of Expert Help in Marketing

37:34 The Importance of Getting Started with SEO

38:28 The Impact of AI on SEO

41:11 Creating Long-Form Content for Marketing

42:27 Reusing Content for Different Platforms

44:41 Launching a Coaching Business

45:48 Setting Premium Prices for Coaching

49:39 Balancing Coaching and Business Expansion

53:29 The Future of Feature Upvote and Coaching

55:13 Finding a Balance in Entrepreneurship

58:21 Excitement for HTMX

01:02:57 Advice for Bootstrappers: Charge More


Steve's Twitter: https://twitter.com/steveofmcleod

Steve's personal website: ⁠https://steveofmcleod.com/

Public Lab: ⁠https://featureupvote.com/

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